JoYi - YMCA Zumba instructor

Introducing YMCA Instructor:

JoYi Rhyss

Zumba, STRONG Nation

JoYi attended her first Zumba Fitness class on her 40th birthday and felt a mixed plate of feelings: joy of dance, frustration at 70 extra pounds, embarrassment, hope and possibility. A year later and a lot fitter, she knew that teaching would be her way to keep the love alive and her health in check. JoYi was licensed to teach Zumba Fitness in 2011 and has since been licensed in Toning, Strong, Nutrition and a ACE certified group fitness instructor. Her love of dance and group fitness can be felt in each class. JoYi welcomes all levels of fitness in her classes and will challenge each of you to grow from where you are.

Facebook Contact:  Jkrhyss