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Grand Fir


Grand fir is enjoyed for its strong woodsy fragrance, unique needle structure, and soft, full appearance.

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Noble Fir


Noble trees have a naturally symmetrical shape with well-spaced, sturdy branches that are perfect for displaying ornaments

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Kirk Elf Tree™​


A compact 2-3′ tree perfect for small spaces and tabletop display. Come with fitted watering bowl, ready for display.

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Nordman Fir


Nordman trees are favored for its attractive branches and symmetry.  It is also the least fragrant of trees, which makes it the perfect tree for those with allergies

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Tree-Life Nutrient


Specifically formulated to maximize the life and beauty of your Christmas tree.

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Watering Funnel


No more bending, stooping or crawling under the tree! Adjustable-length funnel attaches to your tree for easy watering.

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Christmas Wreath

Wreath – 24″


24″ Noble Fir wreath with pine cones.

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Douglas Fir


Full conical shape with slender branches  and soft needles. Quantity is limited!

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Fraser Fir


Fraser Fir’s fragrance, full shape, strong branches, unique coloring and ability to retain its needles throughout the Holiday season make it an excellent choice.

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