Family Visitation Center

At the Hawaii Island YMCA we offer services to families in all variations. It is a place where children are the priority for the visits, a place where children can express their desire to visit with all parents involved in a place guaranteed to be free of domestic violence.

The Family Visitation Center Helps when:

  • Children need to go from one parent to another without their parents meeting.
  • Children visit with a parent who is required to have supervised contact.
  • Children's visits are court-ordered but their parents are not able to make the arrangements for visits.
  • A parent is concerned about the safety of the children during visits with the other parent.
  • Assistance is needed for children to visit with other adults and/or children.

Supervised Exchanges

Children will go from one parent to the other without the parents meeting.  The exchange of the children is supervised and occurs at the FVC. Exchanges allow for children to visit a full day or overnight with the visiting parent.

Supervised Visitation

Family Visitation Center staff provides supervision during the visits between children and parents.  Visits are in a stable and supportive environment. Different levels of supervision are available including full direct, intermittent and beginning and ending supervision.

Supervised Telephone/Video Visits

Family Visitation Center staff monitors telephone/video calls between children and parents. Children come to the Center with their custodial parent and the "visiting parent" calls the FVC. FVC associate stays with the children during their telephone/video call.

Utilizing our Family Visitation Center

  • Please have your court order, current or past T.R.O.s
  • Please call ahead to confirm FVC availability.
  • Bring all documents to the YMCA FVC during our available intake hours to complete an assessment.
  • Both parties need to complete the intake process before the visits occur.
  • The FVC will arrange the schedule for visits with the input of all parties involved, at times, the arrangements are made with adults who aren't the biological parents but actively involved with the children.
  • All communication between all parties are communicated through the FVC.
  • Once arrangements are confirmed, a visit will happen.
  • Self-Referrals are welcomed and admired and requires both parties to be in agreement to participate and pay fees accordingly.
  • Self-referral needs to complete the intake process and arrange visits with the FVC staff.
  • The FVC will complete report letter to the court with 48 hours notice of the court hearing date and submit copies to all parties.

Financial Assistance

If you are in need of financial assistance for YMCA programs please complete the Financial Assistance application. Aid is based on need and funding availability, please submit requested documentation promptly.

Service Fees
Registration (both parties pay)$20 each
Supervised Visitation$20/hr (+ $20 each additional hour)
Day Exchanges$20
Overnight Exchanges$30

The custodial and visiting parent are responsible for all visitation fees unless stated otherwise in a court order of agreement by both parents. Standard agreement is each parent pays 1/2 of the visit fee unless otherwise stated.

Get Started

Intakes must be completed via Zoom or telephone conference.

  1. The intake process requires the sharing of personal and possibly, confidential information.
  2. The intake requires approximately 45-60 minutes of your time to complete.
  3. We encourage that intakes be completed via the ZOOM app.
  4. Though not required, we encourage; if applicable, you’re having a copy of your courts order
    or mediation forms on your person at time of scheduled FVC intake.
  5. Please have your personal driver’s license or state ID available during the intake.
  6. Upon completion of your scheduling a FVC intake, you will receive an email receipt with your appointment’s ZOOM link.

Family Visitation Center Hours


Wednesday 5pm - 8pm

Friday 5:30pm - 8pm

Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 10am - 5pm

Holidays TBA

Supervised Visits & Intermittent Visits: Visits usually occur one hour per week, however each case is unique and scheduling is based on the orders of the court and the availability of the parent with the main focus on the child being satisfied with a nurturing visit with their parent.

Please call ahead to confirm Family Visitation Center availability.

Family Visitation Direct Line

Front Office Phone

FVC Department Supervisor
Jason J Estrella

Island of Hawaii YMCA CEO
Wendy S. Botelho-Cortez