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New Job Opportunity – Garden Teacher

Garden Teacher – The Honeybee Education Program

Aina-based Education Program in collaboration with Hilo YMCA

We are looking for a contract/hire position to work at the YMCA Children’s Garden. This position will assist in developing and maintaining the garden, teaching classes/instruction to
youth during spring break and summer programs and reporting to the YMCA and Honeybee Education Program for program updates and evaluations
5 hours per week, sometime more during youth program events (Spring Break/Summer).

Compensation $20/hour, contractual/stipend position. Reports to the Honeybee Education Program, Food Resiliency Project

Desired Skills/attributes:

Experience gardening in Hawaii for at least 3 years
Experience working and leading activities with children of various ages

Flexible schedule

Great communicator

Passionate about food security and sustainability

Experience working with diverse cultures and minorities

Other Requirements:
* Fingerprint / background check prior to the start date.

*TB test are required prior to the start date.

*Proof of completion of a Covid-19 vaccination

*Other requirements may be needed from YMCA, Hilo

Position Summary: Responsibilities & Requirements:
Type of Employment: Part-time (year round, school breaks and holidays flexible)

Hours: 5-10 hours per week (dependent on availability of applicant)

Pay Rate: $20/hour

Type: Contract Hire- must fill out W9, report their own taxes

Start Date: March 14, 2022

Please send resume and cover letter to jennyabach@gmail.com

YMCA Hilo Garden Teacher Job Description