New Program: First Responders Child Care Assistance

Aloha, the Island of Hawaii YMCA is offering First Responder Child Care. Our hours of operation: 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the time being. I am aware of the shifts at HMC, HPD and Fire. If there is interest for the 6:30 a.m. shift to have child care, we will arrange to start earlier for their convenience, at no extra charge.

The cost at present is $125.00 per week, that comes to $25 per day, based on a five day week. We will be open on the Kuhio Holiday, this Thursday. If you need care less than 5 days per week, we have a drop in rate of $28 per day. We prefer the child to attend all five days, especially because of the situation at hand. There is a one time charge of $50 to become a member of the Island of Hawaii YMCA.

The weekly fee of $125 covers breakfast and lunch, and two snacks. Meals are all they can eat. Through out the day their activity changes every hour. We continue to do arts and crafts, exercise, music and arts. No cell phones, laptops and computers allowed. The food is cooked in our certified kitchen.

Should there be a need for care after 5:30 pm for the evening shift, (10 children minimum) Monday’s through Fridays, we will consider “Evening Camp”. Evening camp will have an additional cost and include dinner and baths.

@ Day camp, we ask the children to bring a change of clothes, slippers and shoes, and a flask. @ the Y we have modeled our day camp with the State of Washington’s CDC guild lines, as the YMCA’s in Hawaii belongs to that Regon as classified by the YMCA USA.

Upon daily entry, the children and parents are screened, along with many other new “habits” we are now teaching our children.

Our priority is to assist our first responders at Hilo Medical Center, Hawaii Police Department and Fire Department. We are limited to the amount of children we are able to serve. Your Island of Hawaii YMCA is here for YOU!!

Wendy Botelho-Cortez
Island of Hawaii YMCA, CEO

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