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Island of Hawaii YMCA receives State grant for Community Center expansion

Hawaii Tribune Herald article by Kelsey Walling, published Feb. 25

The Island of Hawai’i YMCA received confirmation from Governor Josh Green that he is releasing $600,000 in general obligation bond funds pursuant to the provisions of Section 42F-103, HRS, for a grant to the Island of Hawai’i YMCA. These funds will be used for the acquisition of 1.8 acre of land and construction for site improvements to the adjacent property at 1320 Kapiolani Street, Hilo, Hawai’i.

The seller, Waiakea Baptist Bible Church, has entered into a Purchase & Sale agreement with the Island of Hawai’i YMCA.

The purchase of the land and construction for ground and site improvements shall support the expanded home for the YMCA that will be the base of its community service programs and a resource hub for the community. The YMCA’s future home shall provide the space that will triple the capacity of the Y’s programs and services.

Phase 1 of this project includes the purchase and acquisition of the property and the installation of a metal chain link fence that will be installed along Kapiolani Street.

State Senator Lorraine Inouye, Representatives Mark Nakashima and Chris Todd were instrumental and supportive of this project.

The Island of Hawai’i YMCA has been providing essential services and programs to the community for over 40 years in the areas of:

  • Youth Development: Intercession & Summer Day camps; after school care; Junior Leaders Program; Young Adult Programs and Sailing Program.
  • Healthy Lifestyles: Transformative programs targeted towards Seniors; gardening for healthy eating; fitness center; fitness classes and programs.
  • Social Responsibility: Help families break the cycle of abuse & domestic violence; Family Visitation Center – supervised visits & safe child exchanges in a safe and nurturing environment.

“We are extremely humbled and happy that Governor Green has released the funds for this project. The community will have its very first Community Center in rural South Hilo, says Wendy Botelho, Chief Executive Officer. “Working families, seniors, and youth will have a safe space to socialize, access resources, and connect with peers in a healthy & safe environment. We will soon be ramping up our efforts for fundraising and grant funding to assist with the next Phase.”


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